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Theta Healing is a powerful technique that addresses the limiting subconscious beliefs that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal health, and our deepest joy.. More

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ThetaHealing® is a revolutionary energy  technique helping people around the world transform their lives at the deepest level, using the power of the subconscious mind. More

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Learning ThetaHealing is your direct path to creating a Life you Love!  You can use ThetaHealing for yourself or to help others live their best lives. More

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We offer one on one private sessions to help you identify and clear blocks to living the life of your dreams! 

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  • Vibrant Health
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  •   Emotional Well being
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Michele Burt and David Kulp are passionate about helping people optimize their human potential.   They offer private sessions and group classes..

Using ThetaHealing and the power of your own mind, you can truly love your life! They will show you how to get to the root of your obstacles and empower you to reach your goals whether they be health, financial or relationship related. More

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Training will be offered in Halifax, Nova Scotia inSeptember 2019!   We're pleased to offer Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper.   Register here!

Ready to consciously create your life?   We offer a wide variety of life changing core and elective ThetaHealing® courses. More

Interested in hosting a class in your area?  Contact US to discuss how you can qualify for a ThetaHealing® Hosting Scholarship. 


You'll be amazed at how fast your limiting beliefs and blocks can be removed and how easily you'll be able to change your life!

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