Basic DNA ThetaHealing®

The ThetaHealing® Basic core course teaches the fundamentals.  It is a three-day intensive life changing experience.

Learn the true power of your thoughts, words and actions and how they are constantly creating your life. The ThetaHealing® Basic course teaches you how to locate your hidden limiting subconscious beliefs, feelings and unresolved issues that are creating blocks, obstacles and patterns in your life.

The Basic ThetaHealing® Course Curriculum covers:

You will learn how to apply ThetaHealing® techniques to simply release these limiting subconscious beliefs and feelings and replace them with new empowering ones and learn how to align your conscious and subconscious mind to achieve your goals, dreams and the reality you desire!  Learn how to use the power of your mind to help yourself or others!

A simple yet powerful technique, the ThetaHealing® Basic Course teaches you tools that will help you empower yourself to release old patterns, create radiant health, harmonious relationships and an abundant future. 

During this experiential course you will learn how to apply the following powerful exercises to yourself and to others and also experience personal self-healing on a very deep level. 

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Over 3 Days, you will learn and apply:

  • The 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma 
  • Principles of the Law of Attraction 
  • The power of the mind, thoughts and language in your life 
  • Principles of Energy Healing and how to access and use Source Energy 
  •  How your subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings create obstacles in your life 
  • The ThetaHealing® Technique  
  • Activating your intuitive abilities 
  • Energy testing  (derived from Kinesiology)  
  •  How to locate limiting beliefs within your subconscious 
  • The four levels of beliefs and how they are created 
  • Instantly replacing limiting beliefs with positive beliefs beyond affirmation 
  • Locating limiting feelings within your subconscious 
  • Replacing limiting feelings with positive feelings 
  • How to install positive beliefs and feelings to enhance your life 
  • Align your conscious and subconscious mind to support goal achievement 
  • How to attract abundance into your life 
  • How to release past relationships *How to attract your soulmate  
  • How to access infinite knowledge and wisdom to enhance your life 
  • Scanning the body for illness and dis-ease 
  • Reading your future 
  • Gene therapy and the 12 strand DNA activation

Additional Information

Upon completion you will become a certified ThetaHealing® Basic Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills with clients.

Prerequisite: None
Duration:  3 Days
Includes: Basic DNA Manual, Introduction to ThetaHealing® Book, and Practitioner Certification.

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You'll be amazed at how fast your limiting beliefs and blocks can be removed and how easily you'll be able to change your life!

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