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This ThetaHealing® Most Compatible Soulmate Seminar allows you to feel joyful, inspired, and with new positive beliefs for attracting your Most Compatible Soulmate.

Would you like to attract, and call in Your Most Compatible Soulmate? 

The Soulmate ThetaHealing® Course Curriculum

ThetaHealing® Most Compatible Soulmate Seminar will help to uncover your hidden negative beliefs and programs held on four levels, that could be holding you back from happiness and a loving, committed and satisfying relationship.

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Ready to Let the Love in?  If you've already learned ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper, and would like to release your blocks to Love, contact us to find out more!.  

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Are you Ready to Love even Deeper?

  • Are you single and looking for a fulfilling, loving relationship, or stuck in an unsatisfying one?
  • Do you desire a healthy relationship, but you keep attracting dysfunctional ones?
  • Are you looking for your Most Compatible Soulmate, and have no clue as to how to find him/her?
  • Are you married and wondering whether your spouse is your Most Compatible Soulmate?
  • Did you know that loving yourself first, will enable you to attract your Most Compatible Soulmate who will flow with you?

You will learn and apply:

  • What is a "Most Compatible Soulmates"?  Learn the difference between your "most  compatible soulmate" a "soulmate" and a "twin flame".
  •  Four-level Belief Work concerning love, relationships, self-esteem, self-love, self-respect, worthiness and happiness.
  • Group and One-on-One Healings to clear beliefs and blocks in your way of experiencing your most loving relationships.
  • Manifestation exercise to attract your most compatible soulmate or enhance your relationship with your current soulmate.

Additional Information

You will receive a course manual and upon completion will become a certified Theta Healing Soulmate practitioner.

Includes:  Soulmate Practitioners Manual   
Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper unless you are attending a Soulmate Day 1 day seminar.

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You'll be amazed at how fast your limiting beliefs and blocks can be removed and how easily you'll be able to change your life!

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to help yourself Create the Life you Love!  

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